The greatly varied paths and careers of our many alumni reveal much about the rich
content and individually supportive approach of the Textile Arts programs.
We are planning to develop alumni pages for our Grads who are and are not connected to
web media: we look forward to posting the first of these in the Fall semester.
Meanwhile, please peruse the assortment of alumni blogs and websites linked here.

Ana Isabel
Erin Gibbs

Hilary Boterman

Janna Maria Vallee

Kt Kilgour

Rebecca Fisher

Tamara Fuchinsky

Vanessa Cunningham
Rachelle Roberts
Laura McMillan
Robyn Stephens

2 Responses to Alumni

  • arlee says:

    As an Alumni of this program, it would be nice to follow the blog with an RSS feed please :)

    • Admin says:

      Arlee we are still stumbling around in the dark a bit regarding really using the blog for all it can be. I plan to work on it this June. Future developments we hope will include a good page for alumni links. Thanks for your comment. -Anthea

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