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8 February, 2013

Recent collaborative efforts by the second year textile art students!




Jacquard Weaving

2 February, 2013

The Jacquard loom combines computer technology with historical practices, it allows the programed raising of each warp thread independently of the others, allowing complex designs to be woven at an expedited pace.

Kozo Paper

2 February, 2013

Kozo fiber comes from the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree, its a tough fiber and requires soaking over several days and then cooking to break it down further.

100 Pieces

25 January, 2013

Sculptural installations dedicated to one material type.


Silk Fusion

15 January, 2013

Exploring the process of fusing luscious silk fibers to make a kind of paper known as Silk Fusion… these will be lovely in the books we bound last week!!