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Exploring Yardage

14 November, 2012

The second year students utilize screen printing techniques to create yardage for there mid term assignments.

Screening a Narrative

17 October, 2012

Recently the second years students were assigned the task of creating a Narrative piece using solely screen printing techniques. Here are some examples of their fabulous work.


Hell Scroll


Your Beautiful and I’m a Dinosaur






Weaving a Narrative

14 October, 2012

Here is some of the fabulous work coming out of our advanced weaving class!!


The good person of Sezuan by Mareike Michele


Untitled by Asta Kovanen






18 April, 2012


Sampler Projects

28 March, 2012

The first year students presented their embroidery sampler projects today. Project criteria was that the sampler must be a narrative of self, and must include both text and a date.