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Textiles Of Africa

18 January, 2013

In the Democratic Republic of congo, formally known as Zaire, the Kuba people weave beautiful  textiles using fibers from the raffia palm. There textiles are recognizable by there distinct geometric, linear designs like the example shown here. These designs were of great influence to former artists such as Matisse and Picasso. This piece has a raised surface and is known as Kuba Kasai velvet.

Equally fabulous are the Kente clothes from Ghana. These beautiful clothes are woven in short strips and then sewn together to create a larger piece. Legend suggests the Kente cloth weavers learned there skill from a spider, Anansi, a significant figure in African folklore.


Thanks to Tisha Singer for sharing theses with us!

Weld Yellow

30 September, 2012

Our weld gave us lovely strong yellows, especially on the wool.  Here are a few strands left on the sample table.

Colour from our weld grown at Capilano U 2012


Sampler Projects

28 March, 2012

The first year students presented their embroidery sampler projects today. Project criteria was that the sampler must be a narrative of self, and must include both text and a date.

Random Fact

12 November, 2011

In Scandinavia, the stars of Orion’s belt are known as Friggjar rockr, Frigg’s distaff or spindle. The spindle predates the spinning wheel, and the distaff is used for spinning linen, the yarn Scandinavia is so famous for. Both spindle and distaff have the long straight shape that fits these stars.

Random Fact Oct. 29

29 October, 2011


Sir Marc Aurel Stein (1862–1943) was an explorer and archaeologist who brought hundreds of ancient and medieval textile fragments to Britain from the Silk Road in the early 20th century. Over 700 of these fragments are now housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and can be studied online. Go to and type in ancient textiles or Stein Collection.