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Textile Arts Dept. crisis report

1 May, 2013

As many readers will know by now, the long standing Capilano University Textile Arts Department and Studio Arts Department have recently and suddenly been thrown into crisis mode under threat of budget cuts that would lead to the elimination of both our departments.

Various cuts would also be applied to many other departments at Capilano University, including complete suspension of Computing Sciences and the vibrant Interactive Design Diploma Program.

These cuts would fundamentally change the nature and character of Capilano University forever.

During this past week we have been using our facebook page as our primary means of communication; this page will continue to be a hub.

Please also refer to the Capilano University Faculty Association page for information.Remember to go to ‘Discussion Forums’ on the right and also linked here.

Our community has been overwhelmingly supportive; we are very grateful and thank you all.  Please know that we are working hard and will continue to work hard every day  to try and ensure that these cuts do not occur.

Of course your letters and your presence at any and all gatherings makes a difference.  We will keep in touch.

Textiles Of Africa

18 January, 2013

In the Democratic Republic of congo, formally known as Zaire, the Kuba people weave beautiful  textiles using fibers from the raffia palm. There textiles are recognizable by there distinct geometric, linear designs like the example shown here. These designs were of great influence to former artists such as Matisse and Picasso. This piece has a raised surface and is known as Kuba Kasai velvet.

Equally fabulous are the Kente clothes from Ghana. These beautiful clothes are woven in short strips and then sewn together to create a larger piece. Legend suggests the Kente cloth weavers learned there skill from a spider, Anansi, a significant figure in African folklore.


Thanks to Tisha Singer for sharing theses with us!

Textile Arts Grad Show 2012

23 May, 2012

Guest Speakers

16 October, 2011

In October we have had the pleasure of welcoming guest artist Sharon Kallis ( and Mary Hanlon (Textile Arts alumna), founder of Social Alterations ( Both address sustainability in very different ways.