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Final Projects of 2012!

18 December, 2012

This unique array of work is linked by each artist’s interpretation of transformation as a theme.

Surface Design – Second Projects

7 March, 2012

The latest projects in Surface Design 285/385 demonstated several of the techniques students have learned so far this semester: bookmaking, paper making, silk fusion, joomchi, kozo, and devore. The results were so diverse and absolutely stunning!

‘Container As Metaphor’ Projects

1 March, 2012

Drawing upon surface design techniques learned in the first few weeks of their second semester, first year students compiled these fabulous ‘Container as Metaphor’ projects. Thank you to Anne for providing these photos!

Surface Design – Combination Silk Screening with Embellishment

15 December, 2011

Final projects for the semester are complete and we can all relax for three glorious weeks!

Here are some pictures from our presentation day in Surface Design class. The requirements of this project were to combine the silkscreening techniques we learned this semester with surface embellishment techniques, such as shibori, embroidery, and applique.

A wide range of projects were presented, from cool wearables including a rockin’ bikini, stylin’ tank tops and innovative detachable sleeves to fabulous wall hangings, yardage, and pillows…and of course an exceptionally adorable owl named Percy.