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Jacquard Weaving

2 February, 2013

The Jacquard loom combines computer technology with historical practices, it allows the programed raising of each warp thread independently of the others, allowing complex designs to be woven at an expedited pace.

Jacquard Weavings

28 March, 2012

Here are the very first weavings produced on our new jacquard loom! For students in their second year of study, this was their first opportunity to weave on such a loom. Although the advanced certificate students have had some previous experience, in past years they had to go off campus to weave jacquard. The department’s new aquisition is a much-welcomed convenience to say the least!



Drum roll please….and now introducing: The Jacquard Loom!

26 January, 2012

Last week Capilano University’s Textile Art Department upgraded it’s existing 60″ computer dobby loom with the installation of a state-of-the-art Jacquard head from AVL Looms.¬† AVL’s President, Bob Kruger, was on site to convert our loom with the Jacq3G computerized technology and air drive system.

Staff and students alike are very keen to get weaving with this new technology!