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Indigo, Girls!

9 November, 2011

The first year students are exposed to the wonders (and aromas) of indigo dye vats!

Field trip to Wendy Van Riesen’s studio

5 November, 2011

Second year students had the opportunity to visit Wendy Van Riesen, a Capilano University Textile Art alumna and owner of Dahlia Drive.  Wendy’s collection is absolutely amazing and her creative energy is infectious! Here are just a few shots of transfer techniques Wendy uses with rusted iron gates! Be sure to check out Wendy’s website at


Random Fact Oct. 15

16 October, 2011

Butternut leaves collected in the Fall will dye wool, cotton and linen to a strong red-brown without a mordant. Our recent experiment was done on yarn.

Tulip tree leaves, collected after they fall from the tree, were a favourite Medieval dye on wool yarn for flesh tone beiges in tapestries. Tulip tree leaves can be also be used without a mordant.

Weaving Studio

6 October, 2011

Here’s a peek inside the Weaving studio at Capilano University.

Students are hard at work creating a database of samples of several different types of weaving: shibori, ikat, collapse weave, double weave, and working with non-traditional materials.

As well as traditional weaving techniques, they’re using some of their precision dye knowledge and exploring some hand-painting and dyeing techniques.

Precision dyeing, precisely.

6 October, 2011

Here is a look at the world of Precision Dyeing at Capilano University.

Students dye a variety of fibres with natural dyes, like Buckthorn, Cochineal, Logwood and Madder in order to create a catalogue of samples for reference.

It takes patience and skill and a certain je ne sais quoi to become a good dyer and you can see it in every one of the faces pictured here!